"If you are reading this, you are alive.
Your heart is beating.
Blood is pumping through your veins.
You are alive because you should be.
Whatever is weighing you down now,
whatever is bringing you pain,
it is temporary.
All pain passes.
It may take time,
but it passes nonetheless.
And if you’re unhappy with your own decisions in life,
you have the power to change them.
Regret ending a relationship?
Call your ex and tell them, just to see what they say.
Not liking the classes you’re taking,
or the job you have?
Change classes.
Quit your job.
Feel trapped in your own home?
Go outside.
Breathe in the fresh air.
Keep breathing it in.
Remind yourself that you are here on this earth,
breathing in this fresh air,
because you are meant to be here.
Your existence is important.
You deserve peace.
You deserve happiness.
You deserve to live."
- No Matter What You Believe, Life is a Gift that You Deserve (via mutilatedmemories)

(via mutilatedmemories)